Search for a sustainable way of exploiting
Black Shale Ores using Biotechnologies

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BIOSHALE Project is a Specific Targeted Research Project of the 6th European Union Framework Programme on Research and Development (Integrating and strengthening the European Research Area).
BIOSHALE project aimed at evaluating biotechnology for safe, clean and viable beneficiation of black shale ores in Europe and to propose an innovative, environmentally and socially favourable model of mining activities and metals recovery.

See Publishable Activity Report (2004-2007)
(PDF file - 3 445 KB)

Project duration:
October 1st, 2004 to December 31, 2007

Contract Number is: 505 710 - NMP2-CT-2004-505710

Consortium Project team
BRGM France HUT Finland
CUPRUM Poland TR Spain
UO Poland WU-BS UK
UW-FB Poland GEOS Germany
GTK Finland UMGS Bulgaria
CGS Czech Republic

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